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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Cast

I have discovered the characters I write about tend to live in me more vividly, than had I not written about them. They hang around longer, then pop back into my head. This morning it is like a damn party up there. So I thought we all might revisit them and drag you with me.

Those with sense:

I still pulling for both the Sox and the Cubs, but I send the most mojo to Allison who is running the Lake Placid Ironman the last week of July. My prayers go to Nancy Reagan and the young girl who go caught up in the Pledge of alegeance mess. I hope they get they the love they deserve. I want the 900 pound guy cared for and I also am pulling for Jack Ryan who deserved better.

On a lighter note, I wonder if Moxie found the 'breeder" she desires. I want someone to find a hot little number for Jabari , and someone needs to keep me up to date about Moe's widow . The woman has been spoiled. I need to call my friend who has just finished Hypnothery classes. I have ".offered to be he naked guinea pig Lastly, I wonder if my dad hooked up with Bappy yet.

Those I am hoping the light finally goes on for:

I wonder if the NBA will ever return to it's roots as a sport. Do you think Soso Whaley will eat for a month at Crispy Creams, or lady at the cubs game will figure out how to open the peanuts faster with her pudgy fingers. Has anyone sentJohn Kerry the Deadwood DVD or asked how people were sleeping with the boiling oil woman back in their neighborhood. Is Rush Limbaugh really cured or has anyone cuddled with those titanium tits. When is the next"summit"? And lastly, has anyone meta normal clown yet?

Those who have helped:

Most importantly: I want to say thank you for all those who have helped us get Seven Inches up and rolling.....

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The Cast


Marlon Brando * Joan Crawford


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