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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Chicks Dig Moe

Come on Moxie we know what's going on here, she is looking for that "perfectly chiseled oil rig ". Why be so shy and coy?

I took it on myself to help her out and checked out, Celebrity Cocks List. Hollywoods true "A List" ;all plus 8".....It didn't take must time ,the choice was easy....Moe is her man. Thats right Moe" the horse " Howard, older bother of Shemp and Curly, friend of Larry.

"Brando , come on man,Moe"

Listen to me out.......

  • Moxie
  • says
    ......"Likewise ,I will bear no boy-children who hug trees (and hump men) while being physically indistinguishable from their pinko feminist sisters."

    Moe is no damn boy toy, he hangs with real guys, and any girl who looks like Moe; God would just not be that cruel.

    So lets focus on the visual. Moe with that funky hairdo and that mug, naked, hanging down damn near his knees, and ready for some rough stuff. .. (Obviously that's his thing )......What could be hotter for MS Moxie.

    I am telling it like it is, Chicks dig Moe !!
    More Moe :)

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