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Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Courage to Step Aside

I think the art of when to get out can be an elusive one. I think the focus of this week's news, Ronald Reagan, certainly understood it. Johnney Carson knew when to go , as did several notable sports stars including Barry Sanders , Walter Payton , Larry Bird .

If I have ever seen a case for this to be considered, it is Rush Limbaugh . I am no big fan, or neither does he outrage me. Basically I see a guy who has had one hell of a run."In 1996 the couple moved into a mansion in West Palm Beach, Fla., estimated to be worth $30 million." So apparently money shouldn't be to big an issue for him.

Essentially Rush encourages people how to think, act and live. Not an unreasonable thing, we all do it to some extent. Fortunately for him, he has quite a soap box and apparently made quite a fortune. However it is clear his personal life is plainly just not working. He is ending his third marriage, he has a sea of legal problems and the idea he has cleaned up his addition problems with one twenty-eight day program is just blantly absurd.

I suggest he rent the DVD " Tombstone
". Although he may see himself more as a later day Wyatt Eyrup .I suggest he pay close attention to Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday, clearly a man with an awareness of his self destruction. Specifically two of his lines seem pertinent here. Doc... "I have not yet begun to defile myself." and more clearly ;"IT APPEARS MY HIPPROICSY KNOWS NO BOUNDS".

Two things are clear: One listens much better when their mouth is closed. Secondly, this is one hell of a wake up call, life is screaming at him.

Micleal Jordon
"retired " and rode a hot bus around to minor league ballparks with a bunch of young men, then returned to win three championships. People do recover, but not with bandages........Time, humility, introspection, real shifts in patterns, vulnerability, those are some of the keys.

I have compassion for him .This would take some real courage to step aside. Let's see what the guy's got.!!

Rush Limbaugh and wife split up>

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