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Thursday, June 10, 2004

An Extra Inch of Sense

It seems everyone has a slightly different idea of what sense is all about.We like ours.Our dear Mae took on the folks over at N .Read on ,and see who makes more SENSE to you.........

"Canada PM ditching Reagan funeral "The Canadian PM is ditching Reagan funeral . This isn't so surprising as even Chirac
said kinder words in his letter of condolence than the Canadian PM did. We should kick them out of NAFTA .
Max Jacobs 03:27 PM

Oh My Dear Max

I fail to see why Paul Martin's lack of attendance reflects badly on relations between Canada and the US. It seems to me to be a prime example of American arrogance to assume that we should all drop everything to focus on Mr. Reagan's funeral. That is not to say that Mr. Reagan did not make a notable contribution to the world whether you agree with his politics or not - he was a strong President

Look to yourselves before you criticize others.

I live in Vancouver , which for the past few years, has either been first or tied on the Quality of Life Index for best places IN THE WORLD to live. Canada is not a better country than the US, but we are a country in our own right and we do not have to curry favour from the US in order to retain our position on the world stage or our sovereignty and integrity as a nation.

I am not suggesting that Canada boycott the US, I am suggesting that we would find other methods.I would personally welcome better relations with the US, but both sides of this border are going to have to stop acting like spoiled children before that will happen.

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