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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Indeed no sense

"Banking While Black
A bank branch on the high-crime south side of Chicago is accused of being racist because it requires customers to go through a metal detector on their way into the building, reports ABC7 .ABC news"

Indeed I am ..Tongue Tied

A Worcester woman who caused second- and third-degree burns over 22 percent of her estranged husband's body when she poured hot cooking oil over him was sentenced to five years of probation, and ordered to continue mental health counseling. "

Indeed ,she is likely a sweet lady. The neighbors much be thrilled she is home.Why do they have prisons anyway?

From the Washington Times

DUSSELDORF, Germany, June 21 (UPI) -- An Argentinean doctor who offers titanium implants for women seeking larger breasts says his clients never need to wear brassieres after his surgery.

Indeed, they must be eye catching, myself I prefer tits to torpedoes......

By Kristina Jergensen , The North Platte Telegraph 06/22/2004

Cowboy poet" Michael Martin Murphey, winner of this year's Buffalo Bill Award, was sharply critical Saturday night of the off-color humor of clowns at the Buffalo Bill Rodeo.

Indeed, he was lucky he wasn't in Molinewhere is was more than just talk....I steer clear of all clowns, they are just to weird for me. .............If however the clown thing is for you,here you go, but you are on your own....

Newsday:Buffalo wing turns 40

"Invented at Buffalo's Anchor Bar in 1964, the wing has its own festival each Labor Day weekend. ........Sonya Thomas, the 100-pound competitive eater downed 134 wings in 12 minutes at last year's Buffalo Wing Festival. "

As you can easily see Sonya proves wings are not fattening and indeed for all practical purposes are a health food...That's a good thing because, I rarely watch the "da bears" without a tray of them...

From US press news

"Summer's Hot New Look for the Sophisticated Career Woman: McDonald's Happy Meal Gizmo "

"Originally, the Stepometer? was a transparent and, at first glance, lame attempt to deflect scrutiny from our" Extra-Value-and-Arterial-Obstruction Meals, says McDonald's spokesperson Commissioner McBacon, a guy that makes Ronald McDonald look like an Apprentice contestant. "I mean, counting how many steps our customers walk is like counting tie-dye T-shirts in Iraq: people are still going to blow up."

Okay so, indeed this not true.......

This is, however .....Supersize your waist
And so is this.........A whale of a name

And lastly because something has to make sense.......MOE has agreed> to serve as Honorary Chairman of my : "Lay pipe for America" campaign Yes indeed!!
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