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Monday, June 14, 2004

It's My Bladder

Lets lighten it up a bit today. I am sure all sorts of shit will hit the fan by weeks end, but who needs to go there now.

The Cub Reporter ..... My craziness, along with about half the people in Chicago. If you are in town definitely go. Don't worry about tickets even though all the games are sold out scalpers abound. Try the bartenders at " Bernies. " ( Sheffield and Clark ), they will line you up ,while you have a pre game beer and a dog.
(all-baseball .com/cubreporter)

Mudville Gazette. ...... Great piece that speaks for itself.

DeadBrain - Fox News Channel Suffers Psychotic Break...I like these guys but they even drowned me.

Bob From Accounting
: "Life as a Trainwreck" ......A couple "family " articules for those who are just glad to be back at the office.

The World. - Training for sex workers in relating to people with disabilities....... God I do love good works.Maybe they can get an audience with/for the Pope.:)

....Some harmless gratuitous eye candy

A Day W ithout A Mexican - La Movie ...And Bill O'Rielly thinks we have an immigration problem now....?


Men standing up for themselves...........

"Men, for instance, when urinating in the standing position, should, except while drunk - when operating dual systems of balance and aim is obviously trickier - stand on tiptoes to urinate. This stimulates the energy of the bladder meridian, which runs through the vital organs and down the back of each leg, and is said not only to increase kidney energy production and thus stimulate libido levels but also to help prevent or manage prostate cancer."
( .uk )

The Observer | Magazine | Barefoot Doctor: Go with the flow

Recently (06/09/04, at 10:07 AM) Seven Inches did a short contraian post citing "Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up" (MAPSU.ORG)

I suggest you read the whole Observer article not only because it is a good read, but it seems one might need to be informed so to defend OUR OWN FUCKING INALIENABLE RIGHT...:)

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