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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Our World

I have the most wonderful friend and lover. Neither of us have much contact with the other people in our lives, although we know all about them. Neither of us is anti social, and I suspect most would think we are a very attractive couple. It is just that our world together is ours, and only ours.

We do things together and talk about doing lots of other things. Most of that is talk. Our basic routine is walking to a local Thai restaurant, stopping to pick up a six pack of beer along the way. Going in that small restaurant with someone else, would be unthinkable. I would be overcome with loneliness.

Afterwards we go back her place. There her jealous male cats assert themselves as lords of the realm for about twenty minutes, eventually giving me their blessing. I see it all as a ritual, needed to contain the wildness of our relationship. She is just completing her graduate work in psychology. That shoe fits her well, your basic natural.

The key to the evening usually lies at the liquor store. There, they have a huge selection of beer. We both approach the cooler telling each other we don't care which brand we buy, one of the very few lies we allow with each other. We do it every time, then proceed to posture ourselves, knowing we are setting the tone for the night. Last night she picked Miller lite, a good sign, glad she didn't insist on Dixie's Blackened Voodoo.

The beer choice was correct, dinner was wonderful, and the cats gave me my pass. Our world, almost always includes our sex, which to us is out of the this world. Last night there was a bit of a twist, however. She wanted to give me an ink blot test. It's a psychology test where on reveals one self through their impressions of various ink blots. She handed me cards fully clothed. I undressed my psyche. I must have done all right, afterward she fell asleep in my arms for a half hour. It was all so personal, tender, and damn sexy.

When I left it was quite cold ,and I remembered I left my bird outside. Fortunately my youngest daughter had thought to cover her cage with blankets and we carried it in together when I got home. Luna our bird is a beautiful female Eclectus parrot, red with blue highlights.
I have not taken good care of her, not cruel, more not paying attention. This morning I have committed to change that. Let her out of her cage more, keep her warm, be more tender with her, listen, and be more empathic........

Imagine that.......


Eclectus Parrot
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