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Monday, June 21, 2004

The Real Joke

The Chicago Suntimes ".
GIANGRECO gets benched for joking about Detroit"

"Commenting on the Pistons' victory, Mark Giangreco showed an old black-and-white movie clip of a city being burned to the ground and joked that it was "just another typical night for Detroit." He followed that immediately by saying that he was "just kidding."

"It's a joke, these people take themselves way to seriously." I bet I have heard Mark say that twenty times.....
For those of you not from Chicago , Mark Giangreco . has been the runaway most popular sportscaster here for over twenty years. No one is even close, the Richard M. Daley .of the sports guys. Like our mayor, he is one of those guys who gets it that he has found his spot. Why be a national figure when you can be here in Chicago with your family.

No one can be surprised Mark's mouth got in trouble last week, but lets not confuse the guy with Howard Stern . He is not a hostile guy abrasive guy. He is a wonderful man with a great sense of humor. He sees the world in and upside down sort of way. I don't think he even likes sports that much.

Our kids played hockey together. We hung out at the rink several days a week. He had three boys playing, I had two boys and two girls playing. The guy clearly has his own way. When his kids began to skate, I don't think it even occurred to him not to learn how to himself. He signed up for private lessons several mornings a week. Later he would rent the rink out once or twice a year and invite any dad to his self styled "rat hockey." For weekend games you could count on a cold six-pack concealed in his "gym bag." Let's just say the guy is fun and knows how to hang out.

Clearly there is way more going. His kids are wonderful young men. and top flight hockey players. His oldest lead the local high school to several state championships, before he want off to Harvard. Mark has a serious side and more importantly he is filled with passions.

When we first met he had a Sunday night show during football season, featuring Steve "Mongo " McMichael. and a couple other Bear teammates he had been drinking that night. Clearly one of those to good to last things. Now we have this mess over a joke about Detroit.

Luther Keith is senior editor of The Detroit News .
has made himself the self appointed head of the humor police. "There's no way to joke-proof Detroit. But hopefully, at some point, .... others will realize this: Its not funny." Seems to me TOUNGE TIED. makes more sense." Since when did it become verboten to make fun of Detroit?

The Chicago Suntimes . " Viewers....thought the joke has 'racial overtones? and he was forced to apologize." They mean they made Mark grovel. Clearly this is not the place for him to make a stand and put his job at risk. However, that aside, I would have liked him to tell those thin skinned, self importanting hypocrites to "kiss his ass." Then maybe , and this is a long shot , they might see who the real joke is.......

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