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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Red , White and ,Screw till you are Blue

Earlier this year the leading democratic senatorial candidate here in Illinois saw his fortunes drop suddenly. A very public bitter dispute with his ex wife did him in, after spending twenty-nine million dollars of his own money on the race. Today the ax just fell on the Republican side. A judge released some very messy divorce papers of Jack Ryan"s . Apparently Jack's desire for the public eye isn't reserved for only politics. More than you need to know

We have all the usual false outrage and denials as everyone is bailing the sinking ten million dollar ship wreck. One would think after we crippled the federal government for two years over a simple oval office blow job, we might stop the hypocrisy. I am not advocating following the example of the Catholic church, covering up child sexual abuse. A couple adults acting out sexually a bit,is simply that. Why not leave it private? Are we all that needy to see the other person suffer and fall? Can we not contain our inner voyeur? We all have out dark sides, all of us. Dark and criminal are quite different.

It's my view the Catholic church radically diminishes it leadership base by retaining it's celibacy rules for priest and nuns. There numbers are way down and daily we hear more trouble about those clerics who remain. Now we do the same with our federal goverment, unnecessarily restricting our leaders. We ask our best people to open themselves and their familles to undo scrutiny and most choose other fields. Little wonder we are still looking for the next Jefferson, Lincoln or Washington.

We have been fortunate to have three excellent candidates for senate here in Illinois ,so after this bloodbayh all is not lost..It's two down one to go, with our current leader looking carefully over his shoulder.

Here's my thought. Lets all get our partners and let it rip all weekend long, every orifice, every position. Maybe even a double dose of Viagra and some of the good Vancouver weed . The next week talk about it over the fence or watercooler.Then after taking notes, saddle up the next weekend. Seems to me who is doing what to whom would be way less interesting after a month of this. My lay pipe for America plan,,,,,,

And.......If it doesn't work is there a downside?

Brando( for President)
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