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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Sacrificial Child...cont

Well, Britney's summer tour has been canceled. I must admit to be a closet Brittany groupie, although I can't name any of her songs..:) go figure. She has apparently hurt herself and "has to stay off her feet." Maybe some down time to work on her early twenties promiscuity makes sense.

And...Life as a chick magnet:

I had an interesting response to my outrage over the abuse of the young girl drawn into this pledge of allegiance mess.( Yesterday mornings post.) I resent the post into the comment section at Calico cat

By Michael Kantor :
"These types of cases require the legal fiction that the plaintiff have a direct interest in the case. So a parent is the only one who would have standing to bring such a case.

There is no evidence that Newdow is a bad parent or he's neglecting his daughter.

Just because you have a child doesn't mean your not allowed to believe in any causes or pursue activities other than raising her.

There's nothing I know about Newdow that causes me not to respect him. He has a principle that he's fighting for, that should be admired."

What I find most interesting is Calico cat
promotes several dating services and Mr. Kantor actually has his own on line dating service site himself full of recommendations. Must be great reading. I can't wait for his parenting site in years to come.....

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