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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Scream for All of US

Dear Joan...,

About a year ago, one of my former male friends forced himself on me. He was not "satisfied" with the attention I was giving him so he took it. They cut him a deal, 2nd Degree assault/6 months time & 1yr probation. Because it never went to trial nobody knows the real story. People are beginning to question the "incedent", and what happened between us to send him to jail. Should I just say nothing,or should I put my story, the truth, out there and stand by it? I'm pretty involved in a lot of community activities so, many people know me

What should I, or what would you do?

I say put it out there. Scream it from the tops of your lungs. You have nothing to be ashamed of. He even admitted to it in order to get the plea bargain, so it's not like he can deny it now. He can try, but no one would believe him.

Get your story out there. I do whenever I can. I was raped and I know that sharing my story with other people has helped them. And after the fact, after the actual rape occurs, there is little else we can do to fight back. But putting your story and your face out there and admitting to the world what happened to you, WILL help SOMEONE. It might not be anyone you know, but it will help someone. I say do it as often and as loudly and proudly as you can.

Love Joan
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