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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Still Tri 'en

Currently I am slowly working myself back into some reasonable physical condition. I am recovering from a lung injury and it is going very slowly. Summer is the triathelon and adventure racing season and I had hoped to run a few races this summer. Sadly that wil not be happening and I I will miss the energy of race days. I am certainly no star, more like one of those who wants to merely finish with dignity.

There are hundreds of triathlon sites on the Internet.
is clearly my favorite; informative on virtually every aspect of the sport. I particularly enjoy the writing of Alison Colavecchia at Beginners Luck.Her mission was to run an Ironman by her 40th birthday and has chronicled her four year journey. I have enclosed one of her pieces.

Quiet By Alison Colavecchia 8.6.01 (

"In the quiet, I can hear my effort. As I swim, I can hear the sound of my lungs forcing air out before taking new air in. I hear the water rushing against my cap with each turn of my head. I can hear the sound of my breath as I drive my legs uphill, hard,shallow, steady. I hear the whirring of the wind as it tugs at my wheel and helmet. I notice the rhythmic fall of my feet on the ground beneath me. My heart pounds. I can almost hear it. These are the sounds I can hear in the quiet. They remind me that I am alive, vital and strong. These are the sounds of my effort. I welcome them. They are respite from the noise of everyday life,from the demands of everyday living.

With the effort spent, the workout over, I reluctantly return to the world of noise, a world of voice mail, e-mail, snail mail, telephone calls, requests, complaints and commotion. I am again swallowed up in tasks outside of me, unaware of my breath, unaware of effort. The momentum of the noise around me takes me further and further away from the cocoon of hard physical effort. The stillness within is gone, the sense of oneness with my body vanishing,until the next swim, until the next ride, until the next run,until the quiet again welcomes me.
Still Tri'n "

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