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Sunday, June 27, 2004

You get to Choose

When things get a little to "wooie" for me, I go out for a steak and a couple beers.

I don't go to conferences, conventions, seminars, or summits. Occasionally I review my personal policy. After imaging what it must have been like at the "Time ABC Summit on Obesity": the policy stays in place, and in concrete. Fortunately Radley Balko went and most of what is quoted comes from him.I encourage you to read,: The Agitator. ..I personally "conference" at Wrigley Field.

Regarding the conference, here is what you need to know:

"Bottom line, whether you're fit or not, how much you weigh does count."
-Dr. Timothy Johnson, ABC News, Boston,"

"We don't need a 'grease police.' You have to realize that when you ban things, Americans get angry, and they're going to rebel and consume them like never before."
--Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Now go out and find something active and fun to do, and don't eat a lot of shit.

Now just in case you need a bit more. I will give you some items from the organizers and make it clear why spending any time there would have made me crazy.

"Personal responsibility is a trap."
--Nestle and Brownell, in the TIME magazine special issue put out in advance of the conference

(Wow......scary Wow)

"I think it would be a huge mistake if we failed to learn the lessons of the tobacco industry. And one of those mistakes is too much focus on 'personal responsibility.'"
--Yale University professor and nutrition activist Kelly Brownell.

(What would be the alternative?)

"The first couple of times I watched [Fox's TV reality series] The Swan, I was appalled that I didn't see any women of color on that show. The whole issue of weight loss to me is the inherent racism."
--Washington Post medical and health writer Sally Squires

(Did I see her at the Bank One protest in Chicago )

"Paul, we may disagree entirely with your point of view. But we respect your right to express it."
-TIME sciences editor Philip Elmer-Dewitt

(People who talk like this want me to toss up my tofu)

"She's right you know. Food shouldn't be fun for kids. Food is fuel. If kids want to have fun, they should play football."

(I would hide to)

If you haven't heard enough maybe you would have stayed for lunch.
"On the conference's second day, we were served what was billed as "The New School Lunch," a collection of sprouts, twigs, and sauces that looked more like the lunch menu at Nordstrom's than anything I've ever seen in a school cafeteria.(Roasted Turkey and Buckwheat Pasta Salad with Fresh Peas and Spring-Dug Parsnip )"

My take on all this is we need to address what we eat and take a stand against the marketing muscle . Personal responsibility is not a trap. The idea is to be self aware and make good choices, our own choices.

And just when you thought this was crazy enough. Here is the final statement made in the Time article : Time article about their "summit". ( Yalta was a summit, this was a damn conference)

(regarding the press's role)
"Perhaps if we stop playing up the dietary confusion message and emphasize what works in fighting obesity, more folks will get mad, understand what's at stake, and demand the kind of programs and changes we've heard about at this conference. Then we can finally reach and pass the ?tipping point? on obesity"

Maybe, if you restricted what advertising you took in and stopped taking money for 'Twinkles' ads you would have some credibility. How much money does ABC and Time take in from high fat, high sugar food producers...??

I find the hypocrisy remarkable, but then again if personal response ability is a trap, maybe it makes sense somehow........aghhhhhhhhh

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