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Friday, July 09, 2004

Car Sensuality

"The Oldsmobile is the Best Thing on Wheels.Nothing to watch but the road."
( The first Oldmobile slogan ,1902..)

Well things have changed,,,,,,,

"As I drove by the woman pulled her shirt up almost over her head," exposing her breasts

Woman arrested after flashing prosecutor by The Associated Press
LOGAN, W.Va. (AP) - A woman is behind bars for baring her breasts at a passing motorist - the Logan County prosecutor. Wytona Mollohan, 38, of Whitman, is serving a 90-day sentence at the Southwestern Regional Jail in Holden after pleading guilty to indecent exposure in last week's incident.

Was something wrong with them?

Home-church minister is facing sex charges
Investigators found two more congregation members, women ages 37 and 38, who alleged they had been forced to have sex with Romero to keep the devil from harming them........The women said Romero had sex with them in his car in La Mesa and at various places around South Bay, White said.

Maybe seven inches of divine guidance..?

Sisters arrested in prostitution sting
Omaha World-Herald
An Omaha police officer posing as a customer during a prostitution sting waved at one woman near 24th and Manderson Streets about midnight June 25, and she told him to pull over, according to a police report. .....She asked if she and her sister could have a ride, the report says.

Good idea, wrong car........

Central Florida channel 6
Woman Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student Turns Self In
"Detectives said Lafave had sex with the student twice in Ocala - once in the back seat of her car while the cousin drove around town"

The teacher is newly married and very has to wonder.

The Smoking Gun
According to the accident report, witness Nery Veliz told cops that he was driving behind the speeding Mitsubishi and saw "a white female who appeared to be naked climb on top of the driver and move as if they were having sex." The vehicle then veered off the roadway.

Someone should have called a cousin.

And finally.....
Channel Five Chicago
CHICAGO -- A 12-year-old boy was cited with auto theft for the ninth time, after a police chase Thursday night. The chase ended with the boy and two other people injured after the car crashed against a northwest side home.

Indeed this makes sense. This little hoodlum runs wild and our flasher from West Virginia, who was basically doing a community service, is behind bars....go figure.

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